The countdown begins

It’s that time of year. I am once again fortunate enough to find myself preparing to travel abroad to Europe. This will be my fourth time overseas and I am now counting down these last 24 days.

   On May 15, I will pack up my house in Columbia, Mo, turn my key over to a subleaser, and hit the road to Dallas to spend some time after finals with my roommate and her family.

   Three days later, I will join a group of my classmates of Food Science and Nutrition at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport where we will begin our day-long jump over the pond.

   In Germany, we will be studying food development by touring multiple wineries, breweries, farms, and sausage factories, and of course my favorite, eating.

   After two weeks, we will take the express train to Paris. Finally, yes, I will be in Paris. I might die of happiness and excitement. A few days later, my classmates and teachers will leave me behind and head home while I head down to Thessaloniki, Greece!

   I have the great pleasure to return with the Writing Workshops in Greece to Thessaloniki and Thasos where I will be completing my creative writing degree (AKA my Christopher Bakken’s life advice on writing degree).

   The next month will probably end up flying by as I get ready for finals and prepare for my trip, but I’m at the point where I feel like I’m so close and yet so far. I’m ready to head on to this next adventure and begin my summer abroad for the fourth time.

   The countdown is ticking: 23 days 10 hours 19 minutes and 21 seconds…20…19…18…


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