Dreaming with 민선 -Min Son

One of the most important moments of my life


Min Son plays in the snow, November 2015. This snowball was thrown at me soon after I took the photo.

While spending my off period today reading The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring at my desk, one of my third grade students, 민선 (pronounced Min Son), walked in to my classroom and, raising her two hands up to her chin and wiggling her fingers, motioned for me to bring Google Translate up on to my screen.

—This is a trick she and her classmates learned to use if they need to tell me something important because it’s what I use to tell them something important if they seem confused in class, and my Korean isn’t good enough to clarify on my own. Bless this website—

She sat on my lap in front of the screen and began typing in Korean. The translation popped up:

What is your dream?

I responded, also using Google Translate, that my dream was to move to new places, meet new people, and teach—to teach kids like her. Her beautiful eyes got even wider and she smiled, nodding and saying, “thank you, Teacher” before calmly walking out.

I was left in a perfect halo of calm. It was one of the clearest moments I have ever experienced. It was the moment I realized a dream came true. And I didn’t know it until Min Son.

Months after the acceptance into TaLK, months after moving to Korea, months after training, and months after starting to teach at Yangsin Elementary School, I realized my dream had been realized, and it left me feeling lighter.

A calm, normal day, a brilliant ten year old, and the realization of a dream realized.


Posing with the Third Grade Class at Yangsin Elementary School.


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