I have a sixth grade student who calls me “Sir.” No matter what I tell him or how many times, my name, to him, is “Sir.” My Sixth Grade Class has been my biggest challenge in Korea. The three female students have more attitude than the women in my sorority had Monday nights after long … Continue reading “Sir”


Talking with my eyes

Oftentimes, when the school’s librarian comes in to work after lunch, she and I have snack time (meaning she usually brings me food and we have short meaningless conversations, and it’s the most special part of my day. She is easily my best friend in Yesan.) Today, she invited me to snack time provided by … Continue reading Talking with my eyes

Once, I kicked a student in the face

  I have a kindergarten student who is a beautiful, happy, wonderful, dollop of a child, and last week I kicked him in the face.   He has a classic spikey haircut, ears that stick out from his glowing face, and more energy than any child I have ever seen. I kicked him. Right in … Continue reading Once, I kicked a student in the face