Talking with my eyes

Oftentimes, when the school’s librarian comes in to work after lunch, she and I have snack time (meaning she usually brings me food and we have short meaningless conversations, and it’s the most special part of my day. She is easily my best friend in Yesan.) Today, she invited me to snack time provided by the school Ajumma (grandmother) to enjoy pumpkin puree and rice cake.

While the two women sat talking in Korean and munching, I tried to follow the conversation, but got distracted by a first grade student who wandered into the library and sat with a notebook at our table watching.

Keep in mind that I do not teach the First Grade Class, but they are the largest group of students who spend free time in my class playing games and dancing to whatever music I have on. They’re big Pharrell fans.

I started making silly faces at him while speaking Konglish with the ladies when the student started a torrent of rapid-fire Korean at the librarian who immediately started laughing along with Ajumma.

After a few confusing—and embarrassing—minutes the librarian translated in roundabout Korean using the vocabulary she knew I could understand, the student’s comments:

“I don’t know what she says, but I always know what she means because she speaks with her eyes. They’re so big!”




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