Started from Chicago now I’m here


The first of our three planes to Indonesia left San Francisco for the 16-hour journey to Seoul, South Korea. 

Singapore Changi Airport 4:40 a.m.

After our unexpected nine-day staging event in Los Angeles, Peace Corps Indonesia ID 10 (AKA IDimes) is one short flight away from Indonesia. Due to all of the unforeseen potholes in our travel road, the first group of volunteers, myself included, loaded a bus at three a.m. Sunday morning to drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco, where we wouldbe flying out of.

After the seven-hour bus ride and some contorted sleep, we began our checking in process for our 2 p.m. flight to Seoul. These three days of travel have been a blur. We left L.A. on Sunday, but will arrive in Surabaya on (local time) Tuesday, March 29.

The first flight, from L.A. to Seoul was eleven hours, followed by a one-hour layover (that teased my seoul as I felt at home back in Korea, but had no time to enjoy the sensation, or buy any of the foods I grew accustomed to while living there, and miss so much.)

We then had a six-hour flight here to Singapore, and a final (overnight) layover of seven hours. While my fellow volunteers have been trying to sleep, exercise, and simply relax, I have had the wonderful opportunity of finding out just how customer-friendly Singapore Airlines is.

Because I’m me, and why wouldn’t something go wrong?

Singapore Airlines is a wonderful airline that hands out free toothbrushes, toothpaste, and socks on their long flights. They provide tons of food and drinks, and have a great movie selection. The seats are a comfortable size, and the chairs’ pockets are large enough to store in-flight entertainment conveniently.

And that is why I left my phone on the airplane.

So things were going great” –John Mulaney.

Now, although most of the other volunteers have hated the overnight layover in Singapore, I am extremely grateful for the extra time in the airport. Without it, I would have continued on to Indonesia phone-less on day one. But alas, I immediately ran to the Singapore Help Desk after realizing my phone was not in any of my bags and the team their worked to get my phone off the plane and back into my pocket.

It took some time, but luckily the man at the desk was very intrigued when I told him the background photo on the phone was a picture of my six-month-old Godson. Thanks to Jackson’s cuteness, my phone was found on the plane and returned to me quickly, and I got to show the folks at Singapore Airlines the beauty of my tiny red-headed Jackson.

Not a bad start.


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