Families who yoga together, stay together 


In Kediri, my host brother and I practiced playful yoga every night together.

I have my very own, very mini, very amateur, yoga studio here in Cinyasag.My family knows I practice yoga every night, and a few times, my nieces have joined in; usually giving up half way through in a fit of laughter. My Ibu and sisters usually watch for a while too and talk to the rest of the family while trying to mimic what I’m doing.

Once and a while I’ll throw in a bridge or crow pose to keep them on their toes and show off a bit — it’s petty, whatever.

One night, my nieces and Ibu all decided to join, a group far too large for my room, so we planned on going out on the front porch (but darkness and ghosts await outside,) so my Bapak suggested the semi-empty storage room next to the kitchen.

So, we all did yoga together and my Ibu laughed at her inability to touch her toes, but they all relished the fact that they could squat with their heels fully on the floor, yet I could not.

My two little nephews joined in as well and had a great time doing bridge and pushing each other over when trying to balance.

It was the most chaotic and giggly yoga practice I’ve ever had and I can’t wait to do it again.


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