Ibu and Bapak: Travel agents extraordinaire

When I left my desa for the first time, for a day trip to visit the two volunteers in Kuningan, a city thirty minutes to the North, my Ibu and Bapak went wild.
They had so much fun telling me the route I should take and how much money I will have to pay and which elfs/angkots (small buses) I should take. 

My Ibu offered to go with me so I don’t get lost, and then made me write down her information and that of our community in case I get lost (I’m surprised she didn’t have me pin it to my jacket.) 

My Bapak gave me a whole lecture about how if I don’t know where I am, I should ask the police, and don’t let anyone see how much money I have so no one robs me. 

It was truly adorable to see how much they cared. They wanted the address of where I’m going and made me repeat the route I would take dozens of times — which made them laugh because I cannot yet say the name of the city I have to transfer elfs in — Cikijing.

Planning the trip and bonding with my family was almost more fun than the trip its self. 

That’s a really big almost, because I spent the day walking around with my friends and speaking more English than I’ve spoken in nearly a month. 


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