When opposites don’t attract

Today I went in to Ciamis to shop with my counterparts and while waiting for them to finish their afternoon prayer, I was sitting on a bench with her son and two (separate) lovely people struck up conversations with me by asking where I was from.

We chatted about how long I have been in Indonesia, and why I’m here, and then they calmly went on their way. It was so peacefully blissful, and all it was was being treated as a human.

Meanwhile, there are other Indonesians (many of which sadly live in Panawangan) who prefer screaming bule or selfie at me. You really can’t blame the behavior away on the culture when I also meet so many politely inquisitive people.

Spoiler alert Indonesians: I won’t take pictures with you if you scream and attack me. I will, however, take as many photos as your heart desires if you talk to me first and treat me like a human.

It really is amazing what people will tell you or do for you if you just show an interest in them.


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