From farm to table in rural Indonesia

I made it to school just in time to see my students sacrifice two goats.

Those are my boys. They’re 16 and 17 year olds, handling those goats like seasoned butchers. The school’s Islam teacher prays above the struggling animals while my (usually) giggly and competitive teens calm the animals, holding them still.

When they were left, tied by the ankles to bleed out under the tree outside my office, the school got to work preparing fire pits and skewers to sate the fresh meat.

In the span of three hours, those goats were killed, butchered, cooked, and completely eaten. The horns were sucked, the skin was boiled to make traditional chips, krupuk, and the organs were stewed.

It was magically fast, efficient, and damn delicious.

All of the cooking and preparation was done outside with materials pulled right off the trees.


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