Tahu Sumedang

IMG_4103Tasty Tuesday

Infamous Sundanese road trip food, Tahu Sumedang, is the perfect amount of greasy and salty.

This is a crispy, lightly-battered, and fried tofu, specialized in this region of West Java. It can be found in nearly every toko and warung as a snack. It is also sold on the side of major roads in stalls, but, most impressively, sold by travelling salesmen.

Bapaks will jump right into buses with baskets full of the tofu to sell to travelers. They dorn stacks of small wicker baskets on their heads that are then used as a container to give the tofu to customers. 

This may sound disgusting and unhygienic, but the basket is lined with a wax paper before tofu is placed inside. 

This snack is also incredibly cheap. For Rp. 10,000 (less then $1) you will get a full basket, perfect to snack on during your journey and also bring leftovers home to a full family. For Rp. 5,000 the customer will be given a less fun full plastic bag and Rp. 2,000 will buy you 4-5 pieces of the oily treat. 

Eat with bites of small chili for an extra kick and don’t forget to avoid the Indonesian custom of simply throwing trash and empty baskets out the bus window. 



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