Jus Alpukat

Avocado juice is served as a sweet snoothie, usually with chocolate.

Tasty Tuesday
One of my favorite Indonesian treats is also something I was most skeptical to try upon arrival in Indonesia. Jus alpukat, or avocado juice. 

Avocados im general are treated as a sweet food in Indonesia. Whereas I grew up in America sprinkling salt on my avocado slices, it is normal here to pour on the sugar.

In fact, my host Mom’s favorite treat is chopped avocado mixed with sugar until it is slightly mushy. Something I can’t really stand. 

On the flip side, she absolutely hates when I make guacamole as she sees me ruining this rare fruit with savory ingredients.

One thing we both can agree on however, is that avocado juice is amazing. It’s creamy and lightly sweet, yet still maintains the earthy flavors of avocado. 

This tasty drink is so common, it can be found at nearly every street stand and restaurant while avocado is in season and prices range from Rp. 4,000 (less than 50 American cents) at street stalls to Rp. 20,000 (less than $2) at fancier establishments. 


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