Mango with chili powder


Mango slices paired with chili powder are a common travel snack throughout Java.

Tasty Tuesday

Another magical trait of the Indonesian travel system is the easy access to snacks. Similar to the way tahu Sumedang is carried from bus to bus in buckets by Indonesian men selling their goods, other treats are offered even more frequently.

One of my favorites, is mango slices with chili powder.

This common snack is only Rp. 2,000 (about 15 American cents) and when I say it’s common, I mean it’s nearly impossible to get on any bus, elf, or angkot without having the option to purchase one of these packs at some point on your journey.

They are sold by wandering men who carry with them a tower of the mango, along with boiled peanuts and quail eggs, all separated into individual packages, but the mango is by far the best. Within the package of slices, is a smaller packet containing the chili powder, so the consumer has control over how much or how little spice to add.

My only complaint about the treat is that I’m not given the entire mango. Only about six slices are in each bag, but for so inexpensive, you may find yourself buying every time it’s offered.

Each bite is refreshing and tart thanks to the fresh, somewhat under-ripe, mango with a salty spice-kick from the chili. At this point in my time living in Indonesia, I genuinely don’t know if I could make it a bus ride without this delicious and cheap Indo classic.


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