Sweet corn

Tasty Tuesday


It is my strong, slightly-biased, opinion that Kediri has the best street food in all of Java.

Whether because Kediri was my first Indonesian home, or because I feel most comfortable there, I never feel intimidated by the plethora of street vendors. It’s become my favorite place to indulge in my favorite activity, roaming from stall to stall buying snacks.

One of the best treats in Kediri, is something I’ve rarely found in other Indonesian cities: sweet corn, cup jagung (corn cup).

This is such a rare delite for me here in Indonesia. It tastes like summertime in Chicago and can be topped with chili powder, grated cheese, and even chocolate.

I have never ventured to try chocolate and don’t intend to as my life is not an episode of Fear Factor.

For just Rp. 6,000 (around 50 cents) you get a large cup of the freshly cooked warm corn.

This is certainly a treat your self snack, seriously don’t look at the amount of butter-substitute the Ibu will be scooping into each layer of corn, but the end result is wonderful.

Perfect for a moment to close your eyes, blast your favorite country song through your headphones, and pretend you’re just relaxing on a summer day in good ol’ Merica.


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