Dragon fruit

Tasty Tuesday


Dragon fruit: Slice it before eating or tear in and enjoy the juices running down your arms, there’s no wrong way. 

A year ago, I came to Indonesia in awe of all the new foods. Bakso and fried rice soon lost it’s charm as things may when you finally learn what’s in them, but the fruit of Indonesia still holds my heart.

I remember buying a kilo of starfruit as soon as I was able and eating one after the other outside of my training facility in Kediri. Absolutely relishing in the sweet and sour juices of a fruit that is so common here, yet so expensive back home in America.

I had never even seen a dragon fruit before moving to Indonesia and it’s not one of my favorite foods. Generally, people will slice a dragon fruit to get into the soft fruit inside. I like to act like a toddler, peeling back the rubbery spikes until I juicily get to the prize in the middle. There’s something about eating fruit messily that just makes it taste better.

Dragon fruit, to me, resembles a giant armored strawberry. It’s vibrant color is generally matched inside and out (there are dragon fruit that are white inside, but I have yet to find one of these elusive fruits!) The fruit itself is also soft and sweet, similar to a strawberry, there are tiny, black, edible seeds throughout the meat itself.


Dragon fruit gelato, a sweet and tart, refreshing experience. 

These softball sized snacks tend to be sweet, but can be tart or even sour if opened at the right time, making this fruit incredibly refreshing.

Because it is so common during the high season, Indonesian cafes tend to make dragon fruit bi-products, which are just as addictive. Dragon fruit smoothies, juices, and ice creams are most common, but I’ve also come across the most amazingly creamy cheesecake I’ve ever had with dragon fruit mixed into the center layer of cheese filling. I still dream about it.

For just about Rp. 10,000 per kilo in my region (less than a dollar for a kilo, generally two dragon fruits), this is one Indonesian treat I certainly indulge in shamelessly every chance I get.




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