Lumpiah basah

Tasty Tuesday

Lumpiah basah, the open-faced Indonesian spring roll.

Lumpiah is the Indonesian adaptation of a Chinese eggroll. They are delicious, deep fried, full of veggies, and wrapped in a light, crispy crepe pastry wrapper.

Lumpiah basah is wet lumpiah, which is a mildly awkward way of saying open-faced spring roll.

I prefer lumpiah basah to its wrapped brethren because of how much veggies you’re actually given when there’s no confining wrapper limiting the deliciousness. Rather, you’re provided a full bowl of fried egg, beansprouts, and other veggies. But it gets better. They still provide the crispy crepe wrapper beneath the explosive pile of tasty stuffing.

This treat can be found commonly at street stalls, and watching it prepared fresh is almost as great as eating it. Served with chopsticks in homage to its Chinese heritage, lumpiah basah is a great sharing food.

For just around Rp. 10,000 this snack is pricey for street food, but well worth it for something different from the classic bakso or kupat tahu.


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