Onde onde

Tasty Tuesday

Of Chinese origin, onde onde is a snack common all across Asia and is known by many names. Basically, it’s fried rice dough, stuffed with a sweet filling, and rolled in sesame seeds.

I had the Korean version, stuffed with red bean past, about a year ago and was ecstatic to see these small treats roll back into my life.

I haven’t seen them too commonly in Indonesia, but like the white wale of fried snacks, they seem to pop up where I least expect it: the Peace Corps training office, my principal’s office, and (once beautiful, magical day) on my desk with no explanation.

While red bean past is the norm further north, Indonesians seem to like various fruit fillings like strawberry, banana, and even the notorious giant, durian.

I am slightly ashamed to admit I have yet to try the durian-flavored onde onde, because scared. I will tackle durian some day!

These small pastries are oily and light, and can be bought by the box. Perfect for an oleh-oleh (family souvenir) treat or to hoard in your room and eat yourself…

Find them in larger Indonesian cities in specialty shops or where oleh-oleh is sold.


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