Grilled bananas

Tasty Tuesday 

Hello from Bangkok!

I’ve spent my time in this gorgeous city of temples and food drowning in options and food comas, it’s impossible to decide what exactly the best food I’ve eaten in the past two days. 

From street food to riverside restaurants, curries to cocktails, my body is in culture shock and my head is spinning. 

I will say, in my time here exploring the street food stalls and snack vendors, there’s one sneak attack food that was far superior than the rest–and unexpectedly so. 

Grilled banana. 

This street side vendor caught my eye because of how beautifully organized the cooking process was. Dozens of bananas on sticks were lined up on a grill on the sidewalk getting slowly rotated by a man and woman. 

I quickly decided to give it a try and for 20 baht (XXX cents) I didn’t think twice. 

It turned out to be one of the most delicious street foods I’ve had in Thailand so far. 

Perfectly crispy on the outside with a tart banana flavor inside, the consistency transforms from soft banana to the starchy texture of a grilled potato. 

Both smokey and hot off the grill, this healthy comfort-food-on-a-stick was a tasty and unexpected treat for walking and snacking at the same time (my favorite hobby.) 


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