Phong neng

Tasty tuesday

I have now been in Thailand for over a week and am enjoying the food adventures that have nothing to do with green curry or pad thai. The ample options of street food can spin your head and make you want to live in Thailand the rest of your days.

There’s even street food dessert.

Enter: phong neng.

Phong neng is an amazing dessert that comes in the best food form: on a stick.

It’s essentially a doughnut on a stick coated in powdered sugar.

There are meat- filled options, but let’s pretend that doesn’t exist because the important thing is there are phong neng stuffed with coconut and/or pineapple creating a sweet fruit-filled deep fried doughnut.

The fruit stuffing takes on a delicious warm gooey center that becomes almost a caramel sauce when deep fried and is best eaten before your change has even been returned to you.

For only 50 Baht ($1.40) please eat many.  Dough-not bother sharing.


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