Ibu Shields

Even in adulthood, and especially in foreign countries, I continue to utilize the biggest rule of stranger danger: when in doubt, find a woman, especially one with a child. This has helped me on numerous occasions in Indonesia, even more so than other places as Indonesian women have the ability to put so much energy … Continue reading Ibu Shields


Khanom bueang

Tasty Tuesday  Throughout the near-month I toured Thailand, khanom bueang became my white whale of street food. I saw it constantly within my first two days in Bangkok, but suddenly, just as I decided I needed to try the puzzling snack, it disappeared into the depths of food streets nation-wide. Khanom bueang drew my attention … Continue reading Khanom bueang

Thai tea

Tasty Tuesday Nearly every day, for the past three weeks, I have woken up, tied back my hair, thrown on a tank-top and Chacos, and ventured out into the dry heat of Thailand (or Cambodia, for a brief period.) The one thing that makes this heat worth it for a cranky morning bear like me … Continue reading Thai tea