Tasty Tuesday


Original surabi, all plain pancake with no added flavors.

For a classic Sundanese street food snack, look no further than the peculiar surabi stands.

Surabi is a Sundanese pancake that can be either savory or sweet. Think, french toast and pancakes had a very squishy and delicious baby. It is similar to the other Indonesian staple, martabak, but is thinner and chewier, which makes it more delicious, honestly.

For my first try, I got a chocolate and oreo one that was soggy, sweet, and amazing. Not only was the dough filled with oreo cookie crumbles, but the pancake itself was drizzled with chocolate sauce and dusted with more oreo crumbs.

While I opted for very sweet, sausage-filled savory surabi is extremely common with locals; as is durian, jackfruit, banana, and other tropical-fruit additions.

What makes Surabi so uniquely delicious, and their stalls stick out is the interesting was it’s prepared. Chefs ladle batter into circular, shallow, clay covered pots that sit over fire to bake the cake to bubbly perfection. When the timing is just right, fruit, cookies, sauces, and even chunks of meat are added to the cooking pancake.

For only Rp. 4,000 for the original or Rp. 6,000-8,000 for custom flavors (like Oreo or the addition of fruit), surabi is a must try snack or dessert for every West Java traveler.


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