Tasty Tuesday

Chewy, crunchy, oily and savory. Awug is a snack for when you really don’t know what you want. Relatively tasteless, it’s a traditional Sundanese treat found at bus stations and in vendor’s baskets. 

This is a weird one. It’s so oily, after eating more than one, I feel sick. Yet, I can’t help but but one every time I see a vendor. 

Men patrol streets, but more commonly bus stations and motorcycle stands, with baskets full to the top of piles and piles of hot, sticky awug ready to be dishes out, wrapped in newspaper. 

As odd as I may find it, mentioning the snack to a Sundanese person will light up the room – awug is an apparent treasure to Sundanese cuisine.

Made by compacting together sticky rice, coconut, and sugar, awug is then briefly deep fried to a golden brown and crunchy exterior, leaving the inside rice sticky and gooey. 

Originally from Bekasi, there are over one hundred specialty variations including some made from cassava in place of sticky rice. 

For Rp. 2,000 for two big slices, it may actually be my Sundanese roadtrip food cryptonite. 


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