Cheese pies efharisto

With a simple bite and one euro spent; suddenly, I’m home. 

Back in the romantic land where smiles and sass are exchanged no matter what mood you’re in. Where I’m beautifully invisible, constantly mistaken for a Greek (a point of immense pride for me). The place where every food has layers and stories and history. 

I’ve been back for nine hours, but in one bite of the simple cheese pie, the stress of my Indonesian life desolved. 

I don’t even remember what rice tastes like and couldn’t tell you a single item on my to-do list. This week, I am Greek. I am slow moving, laid back, and positively poetic. 

Born again with a pop of lipstick and Zeus guarding my way, I am invincible and a cheese pie isn’t just a cheese pie. 

The soft, creamy cheese, still warm is mild, almost tasteless as it’s embraced by the buttery, multi-layered pastry dough. 

Paper-thin, crumps erupt with every bite, raining down across the simple table. The crunch somehow, magically melts to become the silky-smoothness of the cheese. 

If I close my eyes, I smile to discover the light dusting of sesame seeds, an afterthought, a mere garnish, is really the star of the show; marrying all other flavors and textures together. 

This is the moment I am really back in Greece and I can’t wait to reintroduce myself to every other flavor here. 

Welcome home. 


2 thoughts on “Cheese pies efharisto

  1. Michael Svoboda says:

    What a great quote!, “The place where every food has layers and stories and history. ” You have flair for words. They are magical and can be so descriptive. Glad to know you!
    Keep it up, Best always,


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