Curry Puffs

Tasty Tuesday This is one of the most delicious foods I've ever tasted. It's the best of all worlds and a fusion of many cultures. The flaky dough of an empanada hugs the warm, spicy Indian-inspired curry. Food Gods, bless immigrants for bringing their recipes around the world and amalgamating traditions to make something new — … Continue reading Curry Puffs


100 pieces of Indonesia

As of today, I only have 100 days left in Indonesia. I'm terrified. I'm excited. It hasn't quite sunk in yet. Because I've had a love/hate relationship with countdowns during my two year service, I've decided instead to not countdown the days, but the people and things that I will miss in Indonesia. Over my … Continue reading 100 pieces of Indonesia

Preparing for the GRE in INDO

For nearly a year, I woke up at 5:30am, walked down the street, into my school, and sat at my desk. I was always the first teacher on campus. I would prepare my coffee, stack my note cards on my wooden desk, open my text book, and begin to study; taking advantage of the silence … Continue reading Preparing for the GRE in INDO