My students

What I'll miss in Indonesia #1Warning: lot's of bragging below because my students are the best and I love them Teachers aren't supposed to have favorites, but we all do so whatever. Mine are the students who I am closest to, and the students who keep me motivated and moving. In case it isn't clear, … Continue reading My students



What I'll miss in Indonesia #33 I have heard that since leaving America, y'all have gotten food delivery applications (Uber Eats and company), but I'm here to tell you: those apps are great, but they're no GoJek. I'm biased, of course. Biased because I have not yet tried the apps America has to offer, and … Continue reading GoJek

White Coffee

What I'll miss in Indonesia #42Once upon a time, I lived in Kediri, East Java while training as a TEFL teacher for Peace Corps. During this time,I lived with hava wonderful family who ran a warung out of the front of their house. This warung sold Indonesian fast food dishes like my favorite lontong tahu and served … Continue reading White Coffee