What I’ll miss in Indonesia #33

I have heard that since leaving America, y’all have gotten food delivery applications (Uber Eats and company), but I’m here to tell you: those apps are great, but they’re no GoJek.

I’m biased, of course. Biased because I have not yet tried the apps America has to offer, and also because GoJek has been my faithful companion these past two years in Indonesia.

Because unlike other food delivery apps, GoJek does it all.If you need a ride somewhere: GoCar.

Want a massage: GoMassage.

Movie or concert tickets: GoTix.

Pay your bills, by your groceries, order your medications: instantly from your phone and brought right to your door.

You can even connect the application to your bank account, so you don’t have to pay the delivery person in cash. You can have the money taken directly out of your account.

It’s magic. A lazy person’s dream, and my favorite invention.

It offers a wonderful variety of amazing services, but of course, my favorite is the food delivery.

I have had Starbucks delivered to me in bed at hotels!

Any and every restaurant offers delivery now thanks to the magic of GoJek.

Restaurants post their menus and prices, you choose what you want, and wait for a glorious human to bring you your food and/or beverage item.

And yes, alcohol is a deliverable option. You can have more alcohol delivered to your drunk self while already drunk (not that I have done or recommend this…)

Lattes, sushi, Indian food, sandwiches, juice. Any food your lazy, Netflix-binging self wants will come right to you.

When I leave my village for a break in the city, GoJek is my greatest savior because it allows me to completely hunker down in comfort, have all of my needs met, with little to no communication with humans.

Sometimes, that’s really all you need to hit your reset button and return home feeling fresh and ready. So I thank you GoJek.

For enabling me these past two years and delivering, not only food, but also comfort (too dramatic? Maybe.)


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