The school staff who know me by name

What I'll miss in Indonesia #83 I should have done a better job of making friends with my "co-workers." I openly acknowledge and admit that. It was hard for me to walk into the teacher's room every day and strike up a conversation with someone when instead of an office, it looked more like a … Continue reading The school staff who know me by name


Power Outages

What I'll miss in Indonesia #84 Not everything in my village in Indonesia is perfect and inspiring. Things in Cinyasag can be difficult, they can be complicated. In order to live with what I wasn't used to, I've learned to embrace life's little inconveniences the way other Cinyasag residents do. Before moving to Cinyasag, power … Continue reading Power Outages

Curry Puffs

Tasty Tuesday This is one of the most delicious foods I've ever tasted. It's the best of all worlds and a fusion of many cultures. The flaky dough of an empanada hugs the warm, spicy Indian-inspired curry. Food Gods, bless immigrants for bringing their recipes around the world and amalgamating traditions to make something new — … Continue reading Curry Puffs

100 pieces of Indonesia

As of today, I only have 100 days left in Indonesia. I'm terrified. I'm excited. It hasn't quite sunk in yet. Because I've had a love/hate relationship with countdowns during my two year service, I've decided instead to not countdown the days, but the people and things that I will miss in Indonesia. Over my … Continue reading 100 pieces of Indonesia

Preparing for the GRE in INDO

For nearly a year, I woke up at 5:30am, walked down the street, into my school, and sat at my desk. I was always the first teacher on campus. I would prepare my coffee, stack my note cards on my wooden desk, open my text book, and begin to study; taking advantage of the silence … Continue reading Preparing for the GRE in INDO

Cheese pies efharisto

With a simple bite and one euro spent; suddenly, I'm home.  Back in the romantic land where smiles and sass are exchanged no matter what mood you're in. Where I'm beautifully invisible, constantly mistaken for a Greek (a point of immense pride for me). The place where every food has layers and stories and history.  … Continue reading Cheese pies efharisto

Kue Lumpur

Tasty Tuesday Named for its home city, Kuala Lumpur, kue lumpur is an anomaly.  It has the gelatinous texture of a thick pudding, taste of a custard, and shape of a shallow muffin -- and is made out of potato.  It's truly a puzzle. Somehow potato and sugar, when blended together to a smooth consistency … Continue reading Kue Lumpur

Arem arem

In a country where rice is eaten three times a day and takes up the majority of someone's plate, it makes sense that people would get creative in its preparation.  On Java, one of the most common ways of cooking rice (other than the conventional steaming or boiling) is by wrapping it in banana leaves … Continue reading Arem arem


Jengkol is my favorite party trick. In any food situation in West Java, I love the anticipation of eating jengkol. Without fail, the Sundanese people near me will start to talk about how they can't wait to see my reaction to the food, they're excited to see my face when I eat the flavorful pile … Continue reading Jengkol

Lontong tahu

Less than a week after I arrived in Indonesia, I was dropped off at a home I had never seen before, in a village I had never before been, to live with people I have never before seen or spoken to. I was nervous. Living with a host-family was easily my biggest anxiety in joining … Continue reading Lontong tahu