Pak Wawan

What I'll miss in Indonesia #71 Part of the individuality of Peace Corps is that all volunteers, in every country, within whichever project, must have a Host Country National Counterpart. Someone living in your community and working within your project act as your guide, co-worker, and ally. One of the main goals of Peace Corps, … Continue reading Pak Wawan


Main ke sini

What I'll miss in Indonesia #70 While hiking around a small mountain village of Central Java, my boyfriend and I passed a group of women. They were bundled up wearing knit hats with blankets pulled around their shoulders. It was a cold evening. As we walked closer, the Ibus changed their path, arms outstretched to … Continue reading Main ke sini


What I'll miss in Indonesia #75 Ajjung and I have been through a lot together. We have both changed so much in the two years I've known her. When we met, she was seventeen. A recent graduate of high school, I went with her to take her college placement exams and joined her the day … Continue reading Ajjung

Sensory overload

What I'll miss in Indonesia #79 This is the loudest country in the world. I have no scientific evidence to back that up, but I believe it to be true. I haven't experienced silence in over two years. At this point, I think it would terrify me. The television is always on, people are always … Continue reading Sensory overload

Don’t ask, just eat

What I'll miss in Indonesia #80Many Indonesian foods are delicious. Some are not. Oftentimes, they look heinous, and taste delicious. What I have learned over the past two years, is to not think, just eat. Mystery meats: often. Vegetables that have no English translation: daily. Foods that look like pureed baby food: on every table. … Continue reading Don’t ask, just eat

A family village

What I'll miss in Indonesia #81One of the strange and wonderful things about small villages in rural Indonesia, is that everyone is related to each other in some way. Because I am the adopted host-"daughter" of the wonderful Ibu Situ and Pak Anan, that makes me vaguely "related" to nearly everyone in the village of … Continue reading A family village

The school staff who know me by name

What I'll miss in Indonesia #83 I should have done a better job of making friends with my "co-workers." I openly acknowledge and admit that. It was hard for me to walk into the teacher's room every day and strike up a conversation with someone when instead of an office, it looked more like a … Continue reading The school staff who know me by name

Power Outages

What I'll miss in Indonesia #84 Not everything in my village in Indonesia is perfect and inspiring. Things in Cinyasag can be difficult, they can be complicated. In order to live with what I wasn't used to, I've learned to embrace life's little inconveniences the way other Cinyasag residents do. Before moving to Cinyasag, power … Continue reading Power Outages

Curry Puffs

Tasty Tuesday This is one of the most delicious foods I've ever tasted. It's the best of all worlds and a fusion of many cultures. The flaky dough of an empanada hugs the warm, spicy Indian-inspired curry. Food Gods, bless immigrants for bringing their recipes around the world and amalgamating traditions to make something new — … Continue reading Curry Puffs

100 pieces of Indonesia

As of today, I only have 100 days left in Indonesia. I'm terrified. I'm excited. It hasn't quite sunk in yet. Because I've had a love/hate relationship with countdowns during my two year service, I've decided instead to not countdown the days, but the people and things that I will miss in Indonesia. Over my … Continue reading 100 pieces of Indonesia