Sweet corn

Tasty Tuesday It is my strong, slightly-biased, opinion that Kediri has the best street food in all of Java. Whether because Kediri was my first Indonesian home, or because I feel most comfortable there, I never feel intimidated by the plethora of street vendors. It's become my favorite place to indulge in my favorite activity, … Continue reading Sweet corn


Mango with chili powder

Tasty Tuesday Another magical trait of the Indonesian travel system is the easy access to snacks. Similar to the way tahu Sumedang is carried from bus to bus in buckets by Indonesian men selling their goods, other treats are offered even more frequently. One of my favorites, is mango slices with chili powder. This common snack … Continue reading Mango with chili powder

Jus Alpukat

Tasty Tuesday One of my favorite Indonesian treats is also something I was most skeptical to try upon arrival in Indonesia. Jus alpukat, or avocado juice.  Avocados im general are treated as a sweet food in Indonesia. Whereas I grew up in America sprinkling salt on my avocado slices, it is normal here to pour … Continue reading Jus Alpukat

Tahu Sumedang

Tasty Tuesday Infamous Sundanese road trip food, Tahu Sumedang, is the perfect amount of greasy and salty. This is a crispy, lightly-battered, and fried tofu, specialized in this region of West Java. It can be found in nearly every toko and warung as a snack. It is also sold on the side of major roads … Continue reading Tahu Sumedang