World Map

  • My families: In America, Kediri, and Panawangan, thank you for always being supportive and patient. A special thank you to my three moms for keeping me alive, knowing exactly when I need a hug, and laughing at me when I fall (and then helping me up). There’s a universal magic in mom love.
  • Sarah Anne: For always being ready to laugh/cry with me, for your understanding even when I don’t understand my self, and your selfless love. I don’t know what I did to deserve your friendship.
  • Tricia and Lauren: Thank you for your constant Skype sessions,calls, Snapchats, and messages and keeping me going with your humor and support.
  • The BlabSquad my village family of volunteers in Kediri: Thank you for not only making training bearable, but fun
  • Peace Corps Indonesia Volunteers: Especially the IDimes
  • Peace Corps Indonesia staff for their support
  • SMAN1 Panawangan: Thank you for welcoming me to your school and making me feel at home
  • My students at SMAN1 Panawangan for their never ending ability to make me smile, and for always trying their best.
  • The opportunities I have had so far to travel all over this wonderful world

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