Things my students say


Teaching at a high school is fun. It can also be confusing, frustrating, entertaining, and just strange.

Here’s a list of some of the weird, hysterical, and wonderful things that my students at SMAN1 Panawangan have said:

  • “What would you do to fix a broken heart?” “Replace the sweetheart!”
  • “How many wives do you want to have?” “Four!!”
  • “Sex praktek is good!”
  • “Come on! Come on! Time is money!”
  • “What number do you have?” “No”
  • “Do you know what food my favorite food is?”
  • Student 1: “I dare say, Anisa is beautiful!” Student 2: “I dare say Anisa is ugly!” Student 3: “I dare say I am beautiful!” *blows kisses*
  • “One person ate my rabbit! It was my grandma!”
  • Counterpart asks: “Do you have a pet cat at home?” Student replies: “No! A Tiger!”
  • “What will probably happen to the ex-president of South Korea?
  • “Is there any chance I will go to the Moon, Mars, and Venus?”
  • “Do you promise to take care of your heart when we’re far away?”IMG_4788
  • “I want you to promise me that you’ll keep me company for the rest of your life.”
  • “The man is greedy, not grateful for the blessings that God has given and sadistic for killing the goose.”
  • “Yes! Good work! Four stars!”
  • “We can learn that we don’t be a greedy hymen!”
  • “I study English for communists” [her friends corrected her to “communication”]
  • “I love all my shoes.”
  • “In this moment, I will tell you about my favorite jacket.”
  • “This peci is my best friend.”
  • “My love will never cease ’til the end of time.”
  • “I’ve already been loving my mother since I opened my eyes. She is my heart, world, life, everything.”
  • “How do you express love?”
  • “Do you kidding???”
  • “The people in the kingdom were thirsty for a child.”
  • “I like writing because I can pour out my heart and my mind.”
  • “Miss, you are high strung!”
  • “If I am able to speak English very well, I would be very easy walking paths around the world.”
  • “I feel satisfied when my dreams come true.”
  • “My mother is blah, blah, blah.”img_2295
  • “It’s raining men!”
  • Me: “The building looks like a hut.” Student: “Like Pizza Hut!!”
  • “Dolphins can grow up to seven feet, wow!” Thinking seven feet, not seven feet in length.
  • “He works as a SPIDERFIGHTER!”
  • I ask, “When you meet someone, what do you want to know first?             Student response: “Their dreams!!”